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I’m absolutely mind blown people still want to try and pick out exceptions to show you can win without a top end QB. Ignore anything more than 25 years old because it is mostly irrelevant to the modern NFL.  Brad was the top rated NFC when we won. People continue to think you have to wing it all over the place but efficiency is far, far more important than piling up yardage. During that season Brad was an elite passer just like Wilson was last year.  The only unproductive QB to win in this millennium is Dilfer and he needed to score 8 points to win that Super Bowl. Since 1990 here are your Super Bowl winners: Montana, Aikman, Rypien, Young, Favre, Elway, Warner, Dilfer, Brady, Johnson, Rothlisberger, Manning, Rodgers, Eli, Brees, Flacco, Wilson.You have 16 guys there and 11 of them are HoFers now or will be. Wilson has a career passer rating of 100 which is easily HoF level. Bottom line, you want to win big you are far more likely to do with with a great QB than any of the other guys. You can hope you get a Flacco/Rypien moment where an otherwise meh QB has an insanely good season or the historically dominant defense like Brad and Dilfer had but there you are going for lightning in a bottle.Who do you want in a one game playoff the good team in Cincy or the great QB in Green Bay? 

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