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Are we STILL comparing other QBs to Glennon? The ONLY comparison that can be made is McCown because he played with the same horrible o-line, same non-existent running game, same Pop-Warner play calling. Let's grade how he did against McCown. Any other comparison is simply asinine.

Not that I think our running game is good.  We can't run the ball when we want to.  But there are a lot of bad running games in the NFL statistically, and the Bucs aren't really one of them.  We're actually 13th in the NFL in average yards per rush.  I couldn't believe we're averaging 4.3 per (admittedly a bit lighter minus the Jorvorskie correction).  There are 12 teams currently rushing for under 4 yards per attempt.  We're also currently tied for 14th (with a bunch of teams) with 4 rushing TDs on the season.  The telling stat is 30th in the NFL in rushing attempts per game.  The only two teams rushing the ball fewer times per game are the Raiders and Jags.  Still, we're 25th in rushing yards.  We're a bottom of the league rushing offense for sure.  We're not ZOMG NO ONE COULD POSSIBLY COMPLETE A PASS bad running.  I would be interested to know 1st and 10 running yards per attempt if one of you cool stat dudes could tell me.  *Forgot San Diego.  Terrible running team.  4th in the league in rushing attempts, dead last in average.  2.9 per carry.  2 20+ yard runs in 190 attempts (Bucs have 4 in 124).*Similarly, I agree our oline is bad.  Again though, not cripplingly bad.  The Jags were sacked 10 times in one game this season.  We've been sacked 14 times all year.  Tied with the Bears for 22nd in the league.  4 teams with 13 including the Chiefs, Patriots, and 49ers.  Even if you factor in taking horrific interceptions to avoid sacks we're not one of the most sacked teams in the league.

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