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The great thing is that when a QB plays poorly all the excuse-bots can roll out a new set. Maybe next year we have a new OC and then the offense is new and everyone is learning. He will still only be a third year QB...I mean Freeman had the calendar age excuse forever. The line can always be bad and maybe the scheme isn't right or....yeah there are always excuses. I guess we've been making excuses for our QBs for so long it isn't shocking Bucs fans are so good at it and so ready to do it.

Except he's played well in 2 games and only poorly in one by almost all unbiased accounts . After the 1st two it was the other side making the excuses. ...and there's quite  a difference between still defending Freeman in year 5 and wanting to give Glennon more than just 16 games , so don't even try it.

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