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...and there's quite  a difference between still defending Freeman in year 5 and wanting to give Glennon more than just 16 games , so don't even try it.

Everyone wants Glennon to start the next 10 games.

Indeed we do, but there is a bit of a difference between those who are willing to give him a chance and those who just want him to fail so they can spout vitriol and demand a new QB next year without looking at the wider picture.

There are also those who are not extreme either way.  I think you may recall, I was one of the first in calling out FRG (and others) for declaring Glennon a wasted pick before Glennon ever saw his first TC. I still think those comments at that time were premature. I asked to give Glennon time and hoped he would turn into something the team could build on. I still think Glennon can be a decent QB in the league in the right system. But there is one place that FRG (and others) are right.  If you have the opportunity for the chance at an elite QB (and you currently don't one one), then you simply have to take that chance. Yes, there are examples of decent QB's winning it all or putting it together for a year or two; but for every one of those, there are many more of the elite QB's doing it on a yearly basis. Tampa has never had a real elite QB. Yes they tried, and failed. But that should not stop them from trying again just like the Gaines Adams pick should not prevent the team from ever selecting a top DE. If you have a top 3 pick and miss on it, no matter the position, it will set the team back.  But hitting on an elite QB, in my opinion, has much more impact in the win column than any other position.I like Glennon I really do.  I think he can put up good numbers and win us some games.  I just worry he will keep the team at just OK, with maybe a playoff appearance every few years, but no real shot at a championship. And only that good if he has a very good supporting cast. I want an Elite QB and an offense that other teams are scared of. Even Sapp said it, the days of a 10-7 game are over. One thing I told FRG to counter his "wasted pick" comment was, even if Glennon is only decent, then most likely we can trade him for a premier pick. If the Bucs can snag an elite QB in the 2015 draft, then we roll with the pick and Glennon in 2015. If the pick looks like its working out and with Glennon only under contract for 1 more year, we can trade him to a QB needy team for that premier pick (high 2nd?).  In my opinion, if the Bucs have the opportunity, that is the way the Bucs need to move forward. And that is from a Glennon supporter.

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