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I totally understand where you are coming from Freddy. From my position I was baffled by the pick too when he was selected. That being said though I have at least been objective in my support of Glennon. So many were ready to jettison him mid season last year and outright mocked him for his appearance and his performance on a woeful team. Yet he still played extremely well as a rookie in a bad situation. Still the baying crowd in the cheap seats have been on his case during the off season and now in the aftermath of a quite insipid team performance. Even after 2 good games some of them couldn't actually choke out some praise for him as it was either the Steelers gifted the game to him or he sucks because he couldn't lead the team to victory in overtime (minus the fact he actually needed the ball in the first place).I have always been of the opinion he needs to be judged after being given a decent chance with a decent team around him. So far in my judgement he's performed well, again, in another crap situation so far. He's shown improvement so far this year and I think that it is something that can be worked on. If he continues to show improvement then why gamble on a supposed "elite" QB in the draft when we have so many other holes to fill? Some folks on here would throw the baby out with the bath water, which seems very short sighted.

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