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.... If he continues to show improvement then why gamble on a supposed "elite" QB in the draft when we have so many other holes to fill?

Because if you have an average but improving QB, then you have to fill every other hole to compensate. If you have an elite QB, then that QB can cover up a lot of those holes.  An elite QB makes the O-line better, makes RB better and makes WR's better. They also help the defense by increasing Tampa's time of possession. Even if Glennon keeps improving like he has so far, do you really think he will be elite?

Again we have the fallacy of needing to have an Elite QB from the get go. If you do find your rookie  "elite" QB you still have to have a semblance of a team around him for him to succeed. If not, you possibly ruin your "elite" QB or declare him useless only to see him get picked up by a better talent equipped team and rip up the record books. This team has a history of mucking up at the Qb position. So, for the first time in ages we have a decent prospect that is showing promising signs and we immediately want to replace him.Is it because of who selected him, his draft status, his school or what? Greatness isn't restricted to the 1st round, sometimes the guys who get selected a bit lower down just need a perfect situation (See Brady and Wilson) or need to have the chance to develop. I just don't get the fan base sometimes, last time I looked this was still a team sport and it takes more than one person to make a successful team.

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