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Manning's INT went from 28 to 15 in year 2. His INT% dropped from 4.9% to 2.8%.  His rating went from 71 to 91. His comp% went from 56% to 62%.  That is notable progressGlennon has the same INT rate (which is very good BTW so not an issue), his comp% has dropped, and his rating has nosed up an imperceptible 3 points from. 83 to 86. At most we are talking a very incremental improvement not the massive change that Manning saw. Manning is an unfair measuring tool what about more mundane guys like Flacco and Dalton.?Flacco saw his comp% up , INT% down and rating go up in year 2 by 8 points. Dalton saw his comp% go up, his INT% got worse but his rating still went up 7 points because he was more efficient. In other words, you should see a pretty clear set of measurable improvements from year 1 to year 2 even on much more modest QBs.

Since you brought up Dalton and Flacco-rookie yearGlennon 13 games  59.4 comp  6.3 avg  200.6 ypg  4.6 td%  2.2 int%  83.9 ratingFlacco  16 games  60.0 comp  6.9 avg  185.7 ypg  3.3 td%  2.8 int%  80.3 ratingDalton  16 games  58.1 comp  6.6 avg  212.4 ypg  3.9 td%  2.5 int%  80.4 rating2nd yearGlennon 4 games  57.0 comp  6.9 avg  246.5 ypg  4.9 td%  2.1 int%  86.2 ratingFlacco  16 games  63.1 comp  7.2 avg  225.8 ypg  4.2 td%  2.4 int%  88.9 ratingDalton  16 games  62.3 comp  6.9 avg  229.3 ypg  5.1 td%  3.0 int%  87.4 ratingObviously Glennon's 2nd year stats are a small sample size at this point, but comparing him to these 2 guys at the same point in their careers his numbers are almost identical.  That's before you factor in that they both had much better teams around them than Glennon does.Flacco is considered anywhere from above average to almost elite depending on who you ask.  Dalton ranges anywhere from average starter to good, again depending on who you ask.  Bottom line is that these are both starting QBs on playoff caliber teams.  I happen to believe that given time and a decent supporting cast that Glennon can be every bit as good as either of these 2 guys.

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