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Getting an "Elite" QB is a rarity in this league. All the stars have to align and the correct pieces have to be in place for a QB to be successful. If we look at the league now, there are few "Elite" QBs, some above average, some average, and some below average.ElitePeyton ManningTom BradyAaron RodgersPhilip RiversDrew BreesAbove AverageAndrew LuckBen RoethlisbergerTony RomoMatt RyanRussell WilsonColin KaepernickAverageMatthew StaffordAndy DaltonJoe FlaccoAlex SmithEli ManningJay CutlerCam NewtonCarson PalmerBrian HoyerRyan TannehillMike GlennonNick FolesRobert Griffin IIIBelow AverageKyle OrtonGeno SmithRyan FitzpatrickCharlie Whitehurst/Jake LockerTBDBlake BortlesTeddy BridgewaterDerek CarrAustin DavisOf course what are my criteria? I look at comeback wins. I look at a QB having the ability to take his team on his shoulders despite a lack of talent or use of excessive talent on his team. I look at a QB who has the ability to make players around him better. I look at play consistency and accuracy. Of course it's up for debate, but the point is not every team will have an elite QB. Finding a guy with the "it" factor and being able to surround him with a solid supporting cast is no sure thing. Mariota and Winston have all the talent in the world, but that's no guarantee for success.

I understand your thoughts.  My criteria is leading your team to a SB win.  I could care less about passing yards or completions,etc.  At the end of the day the QB that everyone keeps saying is the best of all times has 1 SB win.  In fact his brother has been more successful in winning the only game the counts.  Warren Sapp recently said that you need a defense to keep you in it and the QB to make the play to win it at the end .  Not sure where that "elite" plays into that.

Winning a SB or even getting to the SB is great but not what makes a QB elite alone. Take Dan Marino for example. He's got no ring but he's still a hall of fame elite QB. Now take Rob Johnson or Shawn King. They have a ring but will never be considered elite. A SB can help make one elite but by no means does it make one elite by itself.

If that is your criteria, that is OK with me.  Mine is different.  If you ask any team what they play for it is to win SBs.  All the other games are great, but the only one that counts in the end is the Lombardi Trophy game.  They recently asked Tony Dungee who had the better career, Tom Brady or Peyton Manning…..he said Manning because of the Lombardi Trophies.As far as King or Johnson, I don't recall either one leading their team to a Super Bowl win.  Which SB did that happen in?

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