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Who are the current "elite" QBs in the NFL?

Flacco and Dalton sure AREN'T!

Really? They both just got paid! So clearly each franchise has little faith they can find someone better. The red board QB idiocy continues. We want a top 5 QB they say! We want one now they say! A Franchise QB will be at his peak after 1 year they say! We want a guy who can win with garbage around him they say!There have been two players to come out of the woomb and be franchise QBs, Manning and Luck. The rest of them, Brady, Brees, Rogers, Rivers sat the bench for at least a year. Guys like Big Ben Roth and Russell WIlson started as a rookies but was asked to throw the ball an average of 21 times and 24 times a game behind elite defense. Mike Glennon now has 16 starts under his belt, one year exactly, and has put up the following numbers.26TDs : 12INTs3600 yards6.4 Y/Apasser rating of 84.5That is damn good for a single season of play, especially when 13 of those games were as a rookie.Oh yeah, he was asked to throw the ball an average of 35 times a game behind a horrid defense and offensive line with no running game and poor coaching. If you think that doesn't matter, I think your insane.

While I think Glennon is on his way to improving, and being a possible solid qb, I'm assuming it's time for the "experts" to argue.cue the "he's 32nd ranked in this, and 31st ranked in that" stat rebuttal. in 5...4.....3.....2.....1....

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