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Whats funny is when you look at the other QB's in our division, the ones that are heads and shoulders above Glennon.Drew Brees- HOF QB no doubt but with one of the worst defenses in the league  2-4Matt Ryan- Not elite but very good QB but has an O-line thats lost 3-4 starters and a horrible defense 2-4Cam Newton-Rode his defese to the playoffs last year, but with their D playing like (censored) and them not having a good O-line 3-3-1...also IMO worst QB in the NFC South, yes worst than Glennon. I live in Charlotte and see some of their games and he has to be the most inaccurate passer in the NFL, if it wasn't for his size and running game, which injuries are starting to take its toll like it does all running QBs, he's probably not even a starting QB in the league. Panther fans are already questioning whether they should turn to Derek Anderson or not.It is hard for a QB to be able to win games without help. Glennon has played well despite everything going against him, not perfect but well, would love to see what he could do with an actual OC, and O-line that doesn't put pressure in his face 65% of the time, and a little help from the defense so hes not down 3-4 TD before the first quarter is even over.

Not to mention we would have the division lead if Glennon started the first two games.

Lead for a draft pick? Glennon has had the opportunity to win games but doesn't show up until the 3rd quarter. How can anyone win only playing half a game?

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