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I don't give a shlt what our defense or offensive line does I want a damn QB. What are yall saying?  We shouldnt have a QB until we have a center, two good guards, a CB, and free safety? Somebody should have told the Colts because they still don't have those things but they have a QB.

Madden-generation thinking.Not "giving a s**t" what the offensive or defensive lines do is why the Buccaneers are the worst team in football. That's where football games are still won -- stopping the other guy, keeping your guy upright long enough to make a play.

Someone please show me the rule that says if your offseason plan is to get a QB, thats the only move you're allowed to make that whole offseason.We need more but I want to start at QB. We could miss out on some good prospects chasing a friggin center and guard.

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