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Andrew Luck is a once an a lifetime qb that if your picking one overall you never pass up, your gonna tell me Mariota is like that? Scrambling qb's are showing me more an more they are not gonna work in this league, as bad as we are we will not pick number 1 overall and besides Mariota there isn't even a qb that belongs in the top 10, once again continue the hate on Glennon just to hate on him, it's hilarious.

How many scrambling QBs need to do well in the NFL before you change your mind? Because there's a lot in today's NFL.

Who are those scrambling QB doing well and making up for an average arm with their quick feet ?Wilson to me is the only one and he isnt asked to do much, with #1 defense and beastmode run game. It works though, maybe he is just holding back a bit to ensure the win instead of showcasing his arm. The facrt Wilson does well i beacuse he has a few godo throws, not just because of his feet. He wasnt a true running QB in college either.Rodgers and Luck arent scrambling QB to me, even if they add some mobility to their pocket passing.

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