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EXACTLY! Out of everything on this team he is the one bright spot, Mariota and the other so called top qb's haven't even impressed me this year, Mariota is in a system offense where it is meant to fit him, Leonard Williams is someone this team needs to target for the D line, our d is nothing with this god awful pass rush and a corner or two would also help out a lot, Goldson needs to be replaced, a lot of holes on this team need fixing but I am fine with the qb position.

Agree.  Dallas could not protect Romo the last few yeArs until they invested high draft choices in their OLine.  Now they are showing signs of being dominant again.  Fix the DLine and OLine and this will vastly improve the Bucs.

With all due respect I really don't think Glennon would have lead the Cowboys to a victory over Seattle today if he was their qb.  From an opposing perspective it really seems like your Bucs lack any leadership on the offensive side of the ball.  The Bucs would do well to bring in a QB that's pass first but has mobility.  Having a mobile qb definitely creates another dynamic that opposing defenses have to deal with.  You would be surprised at how much better your Oline would look if they had a good qb that could actually make reads and get the ball out of his hands quickly and create when things break down.  Most young qbs take longer to scan the field and if they're not mobile they're toast. 

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