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Hey guys...I'm not here to troll or anything.  Just saying we were 1-15 and then we drafted Cam.  He's really helped turn our organization around.  We had a lot of holes when we drafted him and we still do.  But it starts with a QB.  Glennon doesn't scare anyone.  Having a good QB also helps in FA.  Just my two cents.  If I were the Bucs I would draft a QB if it's the right guy.  I wouldn't draft one just to draft one.  If you guys are in position to land a franchise QB though, it would be dumb not too.  Maybe you guys will get lucky and trade for Hoyer after this season.

Sure you took Cam, but you didn't have to worry about the red sea parting every week for your D to usher the opposing team down to score. Cam was a sensible pick at the right time, the Bucs on the other hand are in a serious dumpster fire and no QB is going to be successful with lack of protection and a scheme that is unable to fathom that repeatedly calling long developing plays is going to be a major issue when you can't keep your QB upright.There are a lot of guys on here that are bleating that we need a new QB at every corner. He has to be able to scramble, he has to have a cannon arm, he has to look good in a suit, he has to be able to force a ball in quadruple coverage and still have it caught... well boys, where is this mythical beast? Because if he exists there will be at least another 29 teams all looking for him too. It's typical of the narrow minded, instant gratification society we now live in. It doesn't work, throw it away and get a shiny new thing, that if that doesn't solve all your problems it gets replaced a year later by something else.This team has issues, deep issues, and the QB spot is way way way down the list. It is evident to almost any fan with a working brain that what we need in the offseason is:A new OCA new DCA working schemeLTRGDE's (pass rush? what pass rush?)CBsMLBFSPunterRBsCDT (If McCoy goes)What we really don't need at the moment:WRTEOLBRTDTs (Unless McCoy goes)LGQBAs others have said in this thread, our lines are suspect. On the Dline our DE's suck but our DT's aren't bad, on our oline the LT is awful, as is the RG and the C. We have a good LG and RT. The game is won in the trenches, and our trenches are pretty awful. If we want to get anywhere, whether it be with the current QB or a new one, we have to fix the Oline and Dline. If we don't fix the trenches then we'll be looking at this same shite week in and week out for another 10 years and no spangly college QB prospect will ever be able to fix it.

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