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Sick of this "hire your buddy" crap by every hc that comes here.This isn't a popularity contest, or a gathering of friends, it's a business. And in this particular business, talent matters, actions matter, and the chessmatch that is football matters, ..not how many buddies they can bring in and hang out with before they get fired.Through the looking glass, I'm still kinda glad someone is taking the glazers for a ride though. They've been sticking it to us for a long time. Glad they get suckered too.

It's not about hiring "buddies" when you are talking about players. It's about, during the season when the bullets are flying.... and your ship is sinking....and what you have doesn't meet your tend to rely on what you "know" rather than the unknown. My hunch is that the bigger problem is in the coaching staff....not the players.... but, generally, a coach will not make that kind of move mid-season. In that regard, Lovie is not quite the "loyalist" that Dungy was. He fired numerous OC's during his last tenure and, if I recall, he fired Rivera (head scratcher) as his DC. The one I am personally concerned about is his son, who is the safeties coach. Currently, the Bucs' safeties are beyond Sabby Piscitelli bad.

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