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People were happy about Dekoda Watson leaving, and now they're happy about signing this guy? Shows how terrible some of our fans are.

Fletcher does have more NFL sacks then Watson.  They seem like very similar players to me.  I would have been equally happy to resign Koda, but only because he was a Buc.  If you look at it dispassionately, would you rather have a guy who's NFL experience has been on a losing franchise, or on a winning one?  Yes, that's oversimplifying things, but I don't mind signing guys to role player positions who know what it is to win football games on the NFL level.  Also, unless they are extreme values (which I don't think either ended up at 2 mil per), I'd just as soon sign short term deals.  So Fletcher for 1 year sounds better then Watson for 3.  Especially since Watson's deal ended up with dead money spilling into 2015. mean 500k isn't significant obviously, but would still rather not have it for a guy who I project as a backup and replaceable if something pops up in the drafts and/or free agency.

They're both going to be backups. I don't care about how good they are at actually playing on defense. Dekoda Watson is elite on special teams. It's not only his punt blocks either.

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