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I think Zuttah, Mike Williams, Koening and Connor are all slated for the dumpster. Will we get anything for them? Who knows and it doesn't seem to matter to Lovie/Licht. I think only Williams would have a cap hit but since Lovie/Licht have come here, they sure haven't been singing his praises. Crabtree and Vincent Jackson(doubt it) might also be gone. It all depends on the draft, second round free agents, whose price has come down and then the annual pilfering of other teams practice squads for depth and development. The only obvious weakness I see right now is WR, Special teams (PK/P/Returners) and depth, depth, depth.

Crabtree is now the 3rd TE so he likely earns too much for that gig. Plus. Is suspect we will want a blocking type TE to be the third. MW19 is hanging on by the skin of his teeth. VJax isn't in any danger unless his production falls off.

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