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I just don't understand why so many people want to move Zuttah back to guard.He's light and weak, but smart. He's not a great center by any stretch, but that's still his best position.

because despite his size, he played better as a G than he did a C.

I completely disagree. When he played guard our line was constantly collapsing--especially when playing next to road-graders in a power scheme. Looks like we might be playing a more zone-style, finesses system this year, so maybe he'll be a better fit in this scheme.

Yea, that "collapsing" also happened while he was primarily playing C for 2 seasons. He wasn't more than average at either position, but I would much rather have him 100% concentrating on blocking and sticking to one assignment, rather than being the QB of the OL and having several different things to juggle in addition to blocking. As a G, sure he got overpowered at times, but for the most part, he was solid. His worst year came when he played the most games as the starting C.

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