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Some of the comments I’m reading on another forum about this signing are good.

Draft someone in the seventh round, pick up a UFA, hell pull a heavy set woman out of the crowd on game day. All are better depth options than this pile of redundant protoplasm.

I was a little surprised he wasn't signed by Disney. I'm sure they could have used a nice turnstile at the park. Hopefully he never sees the field for you Bucs fans.

There is no overstating whatsoever how terrible an offensive lineman Oneil Cousins is. He is inept at every possible facet of playing offensive line. He cannot pass protect, he cannot create holes for running backs, he commits holding and false start penalties regularly. If I had to choose between him and my 52 year old, 5'10" 160 lb arthritic stepfather to be the backup guard on my team I would select the latter without hesitation.

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