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Zutah is versatile in that he played some RT in college and played VERY poorly in limited time at guard in the pros. He is capable of being adequate at center, and hypothetically can play every other position (poorly) in a pinch. but with EDS what are we really paying 4.5 mil for? At best Nicks gets hurt and Zuttah maybe beats out Meredith for the right of struggling mightily at the LG position, OR hes insurance if EDS gets hurt.too much money, Im convinced that Zuttahs situation will be resolved in the shirt future (paycut/released). Wouldnt be completely shocked if hes kept, but will be completely shocked if hes strongly considered as a starying guard. Seeing as how EDS was signed that signals a distrust in Zuttah to play his best position(center) so Im sure hes not in the plans at his current contract

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