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CoD is one of the blandest, most uninteresting games I have ever played. Mass Effect forever!

Totally different experiences. I can't play CoD and it's ilk because I'm not good enough at MP to not be fodder for whatever screaming 13 year old in in the game. At least ME3's MP is coop so I have been able to do alright in that. Strength of that series remains the SP part.

You gotta practice more.  I played BF off and on for a couple of years and my sig said "Cheerfully contributing to highlight reels everywhere" because I was so bad.  0.25 KDR.  Last few months I've actually been working on it and I'm finally consistently over a 1.0 KDR.  Its more fun than MMOs to me because the time commitment is less, and less consistent -- 15-20 minute matches mean I can get of the computer any time I really need to. I really don't get the singleplayer on any of these shooters.  I'm more a play against people person when it comes to that.

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