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I have it. On. PC.Visually amazing.  Plays very fast to me, but I'm a battlefield guy, not COD so YMMV on how the pace feels.  I haven't played too much because of that, though, so I haven't gone through the learning curve yet.  All the parts of the HUD are in the wrong places for me for example and i dont see any indicators of direction you are getting hit from.  They have weak NPCs cluttering up the minimap which I find annoying.  You die/kill real fast too.  The three dimensional nature of the combat is great.  Reminds me a bit of planetside 2 also in the way the weapons handle, and how I don't get a feel for how much I'm damaging someone.  There is no server selection, you go where it wants to send you.  Ping is west coast.I'm going to work into it slowly, I'm still enjoying BF, and I put in a lot of work recently to actually get reasonably good at it, so I'm taking my time moving on.Oh, and if you're curious about that Nosgoth game, I got into the closed beta.  I think it sucks.  Think Arenas from WoW watered down.

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