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It’s sickening, what happened to reporters asking the tough questions?  You want accountability?  Hey millionaire, while you and your players make millions, you have people who are paying money they struggle to make, to pay for tickets to watch this crap you put on the field, what do you say to those fans?  We the fans, deserve more than this rah rah crap we get from the media.  The Tedford situation should have been leaked.  Sure, heart condition.  Did anyone see the video of him when he returned and they showed him up in the press box rubbing his head like he didn't want to be there?  Media is a joke now a days.  It use to be good when people cared about getting the information out first.  When 'breaking news' was actually breaking.  They handle Lovie like he's the second coming....the only thing he is the second coming of is Ray Perkins without the three a day practices.  It is lovies stubbornness that will lead him to unemployment.  Maybe then we will get a coach that the media will fire questions at.

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