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Every press conference it's the same BS.  Scott please save us tomorrow and start asking him the tough questions like 1) why do you continue to start a QB who has only thrown 10 touchdowns and has continually turned the ball over every game yet keep a QB who has 10 touchdowns and 6 interceptions on the bench.  2) considering your defense is what you are known for why do you continue to start your high priced RE when he hasn't produced all season except 1 game.3) how are your players suppose to hold each other accountable when you don't hold your own players accountable for their play? Those are just 3 but there are plenty more.  Problem is Lovie gets the whole 'what do you think is the problem?' Or  some BS questions cause the media handles coaches like babies.  They are making millions of dollars to coach a team and not one week have I heard anyone fire a tough question at Lovie.

No kidding. Good question and one I want answered as well. St. Lovie is treated like the second coming and I'm as sick of THAT as I am his miserable failure as a HC and talent evaluator here. St. Lovie is NOT Tony Dungy though his offense here is almost as bad. Wait, it's worse, much WORSE.Come on now, enough of a pass the GD honeymoon is OVER!

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