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I'm sick also about the media.This year every other reason  is discussed why they are playing bad. But not a critical question.Same with the Tedford situation. If it was last year they would ask and ask and bring up lies. This year. Quiet.They are acting every press conference as it was the first loss of the season and the team is playing good.The media should handle Lovie like shiano last year. Compared the shiano first season the team plays on level that don't have the right to play in the NFL.

Right now Lovie is fairly emboldened by fact there have been less-than-stellar coaching hires before him and he'll get benefit of doubt based off that plus fact he has history with Bucs and coached Bears to a Superbowl. Having said that, I think media does need to challenge him with tough questions (especially relating to Tedford and personnel choices).

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