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As I said in another thread: "I'm fine with waiting until 2016 draft to get a QB if an elite LT or pass rushing DE is available."I don't want Winston here.  He'll be in jail and suspended before he make a Pro Bowl.  I'm not sold on Mariotta either.  That said, the biggest reason I'd rather wait, is because I don't want Smith here with a new QB.  No QB ever got better or developed under Lovie Smith.  I'd rather wait until the following years draft after Lovie gets fired.

before he make a Pro Bowl.Learn to speak.

Really dude....did this simple grammatical error throw you so far off, that you did not understand or are you just trying to find something, anything to make you feel superior, or more intelligent?  In fact, it's YOU who comes across as lacking substance pertinent to the topic, when you rebuttal or response is so petty.

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