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I will never get the "he will waste him" objection to drafting a QB. So we have two options: run an offense with a Ryn Fitzpatrick clone or one with a Tony Romo clone. Now, there is actually a scenario that exists where you think someone can design an offense that the latter won't be better than the former?

Really?  The evidence of this happening is wide-spread throughout the league and it's history.  If you don't have the right HC/OC marriage with the right QB, there will NEVER be success.  Lovie is the wrong HC for any QB, period.  His track record has proven that.  He's never developed nor has a QB ever improved under his management.  Best to take a DE or LT to help in the trenches for the following season when we have a new HC.  Lovie will not last past the 2015 season, that's my guess because he's a terrible HC.

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