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I love the get the QB next year logic because a. You can plan your draft position like that and b. There sure will be even better prospects next year. Wasn't it last year people telling us to wait to this year because these cats were so much better than those cats?

There's a difference between your "QB next year logic" diatribe and my point of view.  Last year, I was fine with letting Glennon have at least 1 year to see what he can do.  With that, the best way to help him was NOT to draft a QB, but give him weapons to use... which is what this group did... and it's fine.  I have no problem with their draft at all.  Now, will the players pan out?  That's for time to tell.Also, while at this point in time I don't necessarily think Glennon is a franchise QB, I'm not so sure that with good coaching and experience he can't be.  He does make some nice throws from time to time and there is potential.  I think there's a reasonable chance that he can be a decent starter.  Now, if a franchise QB does become available, yes, they should upgrade... the thing is, I'm not so sure that player exists in the upcoming draft.  You might, and that's fine, but it doesn't mean that either of us are wrong or right, it's all opinion.  I have no interest in drafting the criminal, but Mariotta I believe would be a "slight" upgrade to Glennon.  In my opinion, I'd rather have a significant upgrade at DE or LT than a slight one at QB.Plus, I think Lovie will be fired after next season... reason being is that they'll probably only have 2 or 3 wins next year too.  I'd rather have the new coach come in with a more informed opinion of Glennon and decide between a him and a rookie.  Hopefully someone will realize that we need an offensive minded HC and actually hire him.

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