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This overall thread is a big part of why I'm nervous to draft a rookie QB.  This fanbase has a habit of downplaying our own players and overstating guys on other teams.  If we had either Carr or Teddy performing like they currently are this board would be calling them busts.I'm not saying they don't look promising.  They both look pretty much like what you would expect a rookie QB to look like.  However, if people put these 2 guys under the same microscope Glennon has been under since his first start they wouldn't look so good.If we do draft a rookie QB odds are they will play like a rookie.  Will this fanbase have the patience to let them develop?  I'm not so sure.I'm not saying that Glennon is a franchise QB.  I honestly think its too soon to tell.  However, I do think this team's fanbase and media is a big part of why we have never had a franchise QB.  Everybody wants Drew Brees in his prime, but few would be will to accept Drew Brees when he was young.

Exactly right. We have some of the worst fans in football.  They let personal hatred get in the way of player evaluation. 

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