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This overall thread is a big part of why I'm nervous to draft a rookie QB.  This fanbase has a habit of downplaying our own players and overstating guys on other teams.  If we had either Carr or Teddy performing like they currently are this board would be calling them busts.

+10000000. This is completely true.I was a big fan of Bridgewater coming out and wanted us to draft him at #7 as I think/thought he was the best QB in the draft, but he definitely has not been good so far this year. He's played alright against terrible defenses and really bad against good defenses. His deep ball accuracy has not been good, and he looks to check down too often and quickly. I honestly haven't seen much of Carr, but the guy is on a winless team and his numbers aren't anything special at all, so it's hard for me to say he's been good. Neither of these guys have been good at all (not saying they suck, they're rookies and struggling in year 1 is expected), but if either one was a Buc playing the same way, they would be getting criticized very heavily by the Red Board.

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