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This overall thread is a big part of why I’m nervous to draft a rookie QB.  This fanbase has a habit of downplaying our own players and overstating guys on other teams.  If we had either Carr or Teddy performing like they currently are this board would be calling them busts.Disagree.  we, as a whole, gave Freeman plenty of time (5 years).  Glennon was drafted to be a backup and went into this year as a backup.  in the process he has 18 starts or so.  even his biggest supporters have come to acknowledge he isn't a guy you want as your starter.  Before that the only young guys we really gave a chance to were Gradkowski, Sims, KIng and Dilfer.  Only Dilfer was a high pick and we  gave him 5 years or so.  The others were low expectation guys who were all given fair shots.

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