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Revis isn't worth $16 mill in today's NFL where teams will go 3-4 wide every down.  He doesn't cut the field in half anymore.I would wager that Revis is expendable now and his $16 mill.

we'll see what a new GM thinks, but the salary amount doesn't matter on a team under the cap so far and of course a CB that takes away the other teams best receiver is very valuable, even in today's NFL. Maybe Revis is not that anymore, we'll see.

The actual cap and the money the Glazers are willing to spend may not be the same.  They are operating a $2 billion global soccer franchise across the pond.  You do realize that if they are $20 mill under the cap that is $20 million EXTRA in their pockets, right?  So you may THINK that isn't affecting other roster spots but in reality it is quite possible that it is.  And ROI is huge as well.  Did Revis EARN his $16 mill this year?  Most on here would say no...not even close.

They've rolled over extra cap to the next year since the new CBA allowed it.

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