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Well, the cap is $120 million or so. So, just because there is $20 million not spent doesn't mean that $20 million magically appears in their pockets. There is an overall amount of money produced each year by the franchise, yes, but the Glazers probably assume a standard amount of money each year as their "profits" and "bonuses" with little fluctuation. Any "extra" money is re-invested into the franchise through a variety of financial methods both simple and exotic.

Have you ever looked at Green Bay's books?  Since they are the only PUBLIC NFL franchise they are the only one's with transparency.  Are you honestly trying to tell me that if they spend less on labor they don't see a dime of that money?  BUWAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA!!!!!!!!!!!!!Ok.  We'll agree to disagree.  I'm not saying it is their personal ATM but to think they don't get to see any of that money is ludicrous.  This isn't a publically traded company with shareholders.  It is a private company.

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