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Who are you hiring that is a "swing for the fences hire"?  That's the thing.  This man led Rex Grossman to a Super Bowl appearance.  There's no amazing college coaches that would come here.  There's no coordinator that people point to and are like "that guy is the future of our business".  This is a down year.  If the Bucs can get Lovie, I don't understand any trepidation about it.  The only thing I'm a little bit hesitant on is the OC he's supposedly bringing.  Was hoping for someone who has had success coaching in the NFL.

Maybe a guy like David Shaw.  He said he's staying at Stanford, and you probably don't believe he'd come here, but if the money were right maybe he would.  I'd try.  I'd narrow it down to a few guys that have proven themselves and I would feel comfortable giving the keys for the next 6 or 7 years, then I'd to what it took to get them.  You know, the way big boy franchises like Pittsburgh and New England do it.  To me, Lovie Smith is a stop-gap caliber coach.  The fact that he "led Rex Grossman to a Super Bowl appearance" ignores the fact that there was a ton of talent on that team, enough to compensate for their QB who actually had pretty good stats that year.

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