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I think Lovie could probably get us 8 or 9 wins in a year or 2. Everyone will be happy for a bit then start **CENSORED**ing how we can't get in the play offs or lose our first game.

I agree here... not so much that I think Lovie will never beat 8/9 wins, or even take more than a year to do it... rather that this fan base has become seriously inpatient (EDIT: impatient, though both fit). When the Glazers look at HC I'm sure they'll look at the long term. That means what warts Lovie Smith has despite decent credentials and the right personality to make this defense nasty. For example he came across as Tony Dungy part two; Dungy is a Tampa legend but people soured on him after our offense stayed pathetic. It's partially the reason Lovie is available. Personally I think it's weird that the links to Smith are so fast and open. We all know one thing about the Glazers: Their compartmentalization would make the CIA proud when it comes to their searches. How in the hell did Smith's name get leaked as such a sure thing, along with "sources" laying out his staff makeup? Sounds like Agent leaks to me drumming up interest from a different/multiple teams. Maybe I'm wrong and the Glazers have changed... but probably not.

Excellent point.

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