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Maybe a guy like David Shaw.  He said he's staying at Stanford, and you probably don't believe he'd come here, but if the money were right maybe he would.  I'd try.  I'd narrow it down to a few guys that have proven themselves and I would feel comfortable giving the keys for the next 6 or 7 years, then I'd to what it took to get them.  You know, the way big boy franchises like Pittsburgh and New England do it.  To me, Lovie Smith is a stop-gap caliber coach.  The fact that he "led Rex Grossman to a Super Bowl appearance" ignores the fact that there was a ton of talent on that team, enough to compensate for their QB who actually had pretty good stats that year.Grossman had pretty good stats that year? I'm pretty sure that he got injured early in the season and Kyle Orton started 12 games or so. Plus they had an awesome defense and Devin Hester in his prime. If Lovie Smith can't find the next amazing offensive coordinator, then he won't win here. Kyle Shanahan or Chudzinski might be good hires... not interested in Tedford at all. We would also need a DC, and I'm not interested in Rod Marinelli at this point. Jerry Angelo can also stay on the unemployment line.... this is the guy that refused to pay Matt Forte... the year after he was 60% of the Bear's offense.You might be right.  I'm strictly going by memory, but I do recall that Grossman's play was pretty decent for a year or two before he fell off a cliff.  In the end I think he was undone by some pretty lousy work habits, if my faltering memory serves me correctly.

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