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Lovie is a solid NFL HC.  Many are forgetting that, even his last year with the Bears, after which he was fired, he went 10-6.  I don't know about you, but I'll take that for now!  Also, I think Lovie has learned his lesson, especially since he had the entire 2013 season as an observer to KNOW how important it will be to have a good offense.Don't forget, Bellichek was fired for not "getting it done" too before he became the Patriots HC.....and he didn't go 10-6 his last year with them.  Not saying Lovie is Bellichek 2, just that a HC CAN learn...and I believe Lovie has.

The part in bold is obviously true and yet it escapes the reasoning for many on these boards.  Players and coaches are often referred to as static, as if their past efforts are the sum total of their reasonably expected future efforts. Obviously players and coaches evolve. The trick is not only finding a good coach or player, but also having good (some might say lucky) timing

Just to play the opposite side - frequently it seems that by the time you get to be a head coach (and have a few years at it), you know who you are. Just stirring the pot here, but I wonder if head coaches really change much at all (other than their schemes) and rather the difference in the success of retreads is purely if they find a franchise QB.

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