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Tom Coghlin certainly changed, and it appears thar Schiano,did too, only too late.

Love the hire of Smith and it was time for the Bucs to release Schiano but I do believe he did some really good things after the mess that he inherited from Tweedle Rah and Tweedle Dumb( nice guy but really not a GM).  The biggest problem the Bucs have is a media that tends to consistently ride the stupid train and play an adversarial role with the organization if they don't consistently give them Carte Blanche when it comes to access to the team.  Media today is no longer giving responsible journalism.  They all seem to have an agenda where objectivity is thrown out the window and replaced with a TMZ attitude filled with smarmy remarks like A-hole Fennelly, Cummings Dumbeg and other talking heads that occupy the local TV stations.    Hopefully, they allow Smith and company to do their thing without questioning every move the franchise makes.Demonizing the Glazers is not a productive exercise as over the last 2 years they certainly have opened their wallets.  I like  the thoughts on the original article which make logical sense..  To those against the hiring and moves being made I see little reasoning behind their suggested alternatives for the hiring someone else.I still think the statement  "THOSE THAT LISTEN TO THE FANS WILL SOON BE IN THE STANDS WITH THEM" is more relevant than ever today.I think part of it actually has to do with fantasy football where the individual has more value than the team.  There are a couple of QB's in the draft that would be worth taking but I am fairly certain they will be gone.  I hope the Bucs get a veteran QB because Glennon isn't the answer. I am excited by the latest moves by the organization.

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