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Schiano left the team in much better condition than he found it in. He did not leave it in as good a condition as he could have though.The trade for Revis, pouring resources into safety, letting Bennett walk, cutting Talib, Blount, these things and others were big mistakes.The right call was made firing him.  ANd for at least a while the media vultures will shut the hell up as the fan base will not be receptive of their typical BS act on Lovie at this point in time.  They'll wait until he seems to slip up and stick the knives in then.

That's so true, the part about the media waiting to stick the knives in. Negativity sells and the media seems to, hell, DOES invest in it. Billboards the constant personal bashing on the radio, columnists, etc. But like I typed, it sells and in the end it's all about money. Runole mentioned the quote  "THOSE THAT LISTEN TO THE FANS WILL SOON BE IN THE STANDS WITH THEM" and it's true.......unless you're an owner. Then you're about selling seats obviously.Today it looks good though, for now there is peace in the Bay. NFL.........(nope, not the National Football League LOL)

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