Re: Re: Challenge on 3rd and 8


I was watching the game and immediately told my buddy that it would not be overturned.  Here was my would have caused too much work for a simple 5 yds.  If you remember, they called it a completion.  Therefore, the clock continued to run and ended the 3rd quarter.  It was between quarters that Schiano decided to challenge it.  Had they overturned it, they would have had to figure out when the point of incompletion was, add those few seconds to a clock that was already expired,  bring the ball all the way back to the other end of the stadium, let them run one play and then go through the break in between the third and fourth quarters all over again.  Just too much work for a few seconds of time.

That's the way I see it too. It's dumb and lazy but makes total sense. I still don't like it thought.

It's dumb, lazy and unethical.  I totally agree though, I knew it wasn't going to be overturned because of "time constraints".  However, inconsequential as that play seemed, it cost us a TO.  That missing TO could have played a huge role in the final drive of regulation.  Even though it wasn't needed, it might have still impacted the play calling used on the final drive.  Driving for a FG in less than two minutes, two TO's vs three is a big deal- especially with a rookie QB.The fact that such a blatant call was ignored, because of convenience, is disturbing.  The " Aw shucks it happens all the time" argument doesn't hold water here.  For one, they are professionals, we don't give fumbles, missed tackles, or interceptions a free pass because " it happens all the time".  No, we hold the players accountable because they too are professionals.  Besides, the league has created a situation where they are asking the officials to take a more active role in games, so their accuracy should be more important and uniform than ever.  Secondly, this review wasn't bang bang judgment call, trying to decide in a fraction of a second if a helmet made contact with another helmet.  This was a complete video review of a play that allowed for a thorough examination and obvious result.  To determine the outcome of the review based on convenience makes a mockery of the game.

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