Re: Re: Challenge on 3rd and 8


The one that got me was the Unnecessary Roughness call against us when R. Wilson took off on a scramble and punked at least one of our players in the process.  The Bucs got totally owned on that play, but the other team's QB, but we were too rough?  At the stadium, we got no replays really(terrible screen operators there), was it a slap to the helmet as he blew by someone?

Yeah, McCoy reached out to arm tackle him and what happens when a tall guy reaches out to tackle a dwarf?  His fingertips grazed the helmet.While we seem to be victimized by these ticky tacky calls far more than anyone else, we aren't the only ones.  The league needs to rethink the emphasis here.  Most of the calls seem to just be the inevitable consequence of lots of large men moving very fast in limited space than any attempt to injure or reckless indifference to whether an injury occurs or not.

It's interesting to watch the body language of QBS and WRs with the new rules.  Players will stay on the ground motionless after a hit trying to draw flags.  Wilson did it, trying to a bait a flag at one point in obvious fashion,and even seemed to chuckle about it after the play when one wasn't thrown

Soon we'll see the soccer flops.

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