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I don't think Coach Morris ever had the respect of a few idiots we had on the team back then.  Remember Aqib "Flavor Flav" Talib cussed him out in the hotel lobby in England.

I think part of that was Raheem's youth and inexperience which led to him being too much of a friend or pier, and blurring lines of the coach/player relationship. It worked well for him for awhile, but some players got too comfortable and took advantage of that. I think he tried to take back the team when things began to spiral out of control in 2011, but he never had any real power and therefore was unable to command the fear and respect needed to reign in a young unruly roster. I believe it snowballed into the horrible product we saw in the second half of 2011 and in the end resulted in his termination. Raheem was set up to fail from the beginning though. He was handed a garbage roster and virtually no spending budget, and told to build through the draft exclusively. It is really quite impressive that he did as well as he did for the first two years. If Freeman hadn't had his unexpected fall from grace, then Raheem might still be here. At the time Raheem was blamed because everyone thought Freeman was great, but in retrospect we now know that Freeman took a nose dive and never recovered from his own personal off the field issues. Still, he was Raheem's 1st round quarterback, so Raheem had to go down with Freeman. I just think some people tend to twist the reality of Raheem's tenure. He was a pretty damn good coach.


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