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I don't think trading McCoy is a good idea since Smith has explicitly stated the scheme overall isn't going to change.

McCoy - 17 tackles, 3 assists, 2 sacksMcDonald - 23 tackles, 5 assists, 1 sackI'm not implying we just up and trade McCoy for a can of beans and a pocket full of dreams, but McDonald has been just as "good," for about half the price.

Have you watched any football this year?  That is a very ignorant statement.

Yeah I have, and simply because I don't share everyones opinion about how sacred McCoy is doesn't give you the right to be so dismissive. Before you all start flaming me, I never said they should just give McCoy away, but he's one of the only tradeable assets on a team with more questions than answers. It looks like we need an entire offense, and then some. If I'm Licht and someone makes a decent offer, I'd take it and be more than comfortable rolling with McDonald, who HAS been just as productive this season, which is lost at any rate.

You just said McDonald had been "just as good" as McCoy because their stats were similar.  The only possibility is that you haven't watched any football because if you had you would see McCoy consistently making plays at a level far above McDonald.  Before his hand injury, he was the best 4-3 DT in the NFL without question.  That's not just my opion, that's how he's widely regarded by whoever your reading from PFF to Grantland.  With his cast, he's STILL better than McDonald.Just to turn to an objective source (of which there are many), PFF has McCoy with a +16.8 season grade and McDonald with a -5.1.  Why? Because McCoy is stellar in pass and rush defence, while McDonald is (at best) an average pass rusher and is abhorrent in the run game.

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