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IMO, anyone attempting to compare McCoy and McDonald is only reading the stats and not really watching the actual PLAY each is performing. Kind of like another poster a couple of years ago who kept posting over and over about how big a bust McCoy was. IMO, he was just looking at whether or not the QBS was sacked and not really looking at the play....kinda like you.

Again, sort of missing the point here folks. But I guess one of the perks of posting on a message board is having people you don't know tell you how much you do know and what you think. I think McCoy is an elite athlete, and a very good player, but how long can he continue to hang his hat on "disruption?" And how much tangible return has that trait brought? More importantly, is he worth the continued commitment of $15+ million a year, when he's just one very good player among a slew of terrible ones? You pay someone that much when they can take over the game, not someone who displays an elite first step but has a disturbingly consistent habit of disappearing from the stat sheet for stretches. I acknowledge his broken hand has hindered his play lately, but if there was ever a time to sell high, that time is fast approaching.

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