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:) Time to start the new 2015 season now.  Why keep but a few players on the existing team as of now?  Some teams  are in the fight still with injuries are probably ready to trade for some of our so called starters for fill in until their starter comes back from injuries.  Surely we can pick up some low round draft picks at this point and time.  I did have high hope that the team was getting better, but I see now we might as well start making changes now for 2015.  The poor drafting over these past 7 years was  much worse than I had previously thought .I say this in a positive manner.  Go Bucs! :)

Some of us tried to express our opinions back in the spring and we got shot down by almost every poster, including you. No one was willing to even listen.Optimism was rampant and no room for anyone who saw it differently.Well now, it's come home to roost, unfortunatelyUnc

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