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The caveat here though is that a good young player is worth a lot more to us than a good draft pick. Draft picks pan out probably only 33% of the time. So trading McCoy for 2 #1s would be stupid in my opinion, because only one would pan out and that player might not even be as good as McCoy. I wouldn't trade David for a #1 either. I would only trade good older or mediocre younger players, neither of whom are very tradable. I would trade Barron for the right price, I'd trade Goldson for a hot dog and a coke, and I'd trade Mason Foster, Clayborn, Michael Johnson, William Gholston (he has no pass rush skills), Evan-Dietrich Smith, and Josh McCown. We wouldn't get much for any of these guys, but if we could get some 5th, 6th and 7th round picks, that would be advisable, as it would enable us to trade up and manoeuver to get quality players next May, and would also create room under the salary cap.

+1 to this.  Exactly what I've been saying (particularly about trading McCoy/David for draft picks).

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