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This is our Shane Vereen with higher upside. We are gonna be passing the ball, alot and confusing defenses along the way. We now have 2 great running backs that can catch the ball and make plays in open space. We have our tall receivers which allows our QBs to place the balls in ackward places where only our guys can make a play, and we have 2 tremendous tight ends who will be very difficult to guard. Our offense is finally catching up to the rest of the league. Now, we need a good guard or two to give our QB a little more time. Once that happens, we could have a special team in the making that will be a nightmare.Gronk/Hernandez as our Tight EndsVereen/Ray Rice as our Running backsVincent Jackson and Brandon Marshall as our Wide ReceiversTweedle Dee and Tweedle Dumb as our guards. Once that is fixed, look out.

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