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The point is we had/have three very solid well rounded running backs on our roster (plus Demps) and running back isn't even a highly valued position in today's NFL. It was a poor investment. Especially with the 69th pick. Imagine if we'd taken a guard like Gabe Jackson, Trai Turner, Billy Turner, or Dakota Dozier instead. All those guys could have been considered the BPA and they actually filled a big need. They have all been getting very high marks in camp and preseason and are either starting or fighting to dethrone a starter. Then we would not be so completely screwed right now and we wouldn't have needed to reach and waste a pick on Edwards in the 5th round. We could have grabbed another receiver like Ryan Grant. Anyone been watching him? That kid runs routes like a ten year vet and will be playing week one. He would be a lock as our #3 WR and a huge upgrade over the scrubs we have now. L&L just made bad decisions. It's really that simple. And now we are looking at signing human turds like Incognito and depending on receivers like Owusu and Sheppard when they probably shouldn't even be on a final 53 man roster. You can't fix everything in one off season, but we could have done a hell of a lot more than we did. I for one am not sold on L&L when it comes to the team building aspect of football. Hopefully our next off season is better than this one because they made a lot of head scratching decisions this time around.

Billy Turner was taken before we drafted Sims. Dakota Dozier was available at pick 137 - Sims was not an obstacle to taking him.

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