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  1. Sims is already considered a good pass-protect blocker. Moreso than Rainey.2. Sims was evaluated as the best receiving RB in the draft. Moreso than any of our current backs.3. Sims is a quick, strong, and shifty RB with good burst. Moreso than either Rainey or James. 4. Demps is still on the team and is fast too. He was used a lot as a slot WR in the mini-camp earlier. Perhaps WR isn't as big a need as perceived. 5. We may be seeing a lot more double/triple TE formations. My impression is Tedford uses a ton of formations and personnel groups.  6. I don't think we intentionally passed on G's; there was a mini-run on them at the top of the 2nd and the top of the 3rd, just in front of us. Licht seems to think we'll have no problem finding a G later, maybe even a vet FA.

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