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My favorite pick so far. Boid Stink where are you? Didn't I say that Martin has a short shelf life and probably won't be resigned? I threw out the scenario what if we trade him for a 2nd and draft a more elusive back... well wala! A very high 3rd round pick Charles Sims! This guy is Matt Forte like, excellent all around talent. Martin is a banger, I like his game but the shoulder, has had too many carries and lack luster at running routes in Tedford's offense limits us on 3rd down... and now we draft this new kid who will be knocking on the door to be our new starter sooner than people think.... again this guy is my favorite pick so far. I love our running backs, this year we have Martin/Sims/James/ Rainey/Demps.... DAMN! I wish we could keep them all. Boid loses again hahaha

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